The Christmas week had indulgence for all the senses. The year is coming to an end; arbitrarily; there’s a regular Friday on the other side… with a lot of unknows. There’ll either be… Continue reading W52


Late in taking the photo? You get a shadow. Late in reacting to a change in your environment? You get a conflict. Late in recognizing the spider? You get embroilled in its web. Late in enacting rules? You are already in a crisis.Late in developing feelings? You might hurt someone.Late in general? You are only … Continue reading W50


Quite a tumultuous week in terms of decisions. Consequences of actions taken will have to be or already have been dealt with. Everybody has grown up so much this year; teenage humour however does pop up in the same breath as investment decisions. Spot the neighbour Continue reading W49


we are definitely living in a simulation. … but there is something magical about seeing your alma mater from a distance; dimensionally and temporally. People have intentions. Recognize them. Do with the knowledge what you will after. Continue reading W48


First focaccia ever. Give it a try. Its salty. Also, try not to be an annoying leader; its annoying. This week had a bounty of good weather and good food. Continue reading W47


Sometimes so much happens in a week that you are overwhelmed by the stimuli you receieve. What stood out was the nonchalance of the participants of the ‘illegal’ house visit this past weekend. I bet the the behaviour would have been different a few weeks ago, a month ago or in the spring; we were … Continue reading W46


I need to try not to get in over my head with things, especially the kind that might end up hurting you. Following from there, always do the math; have enough buffer room for errors of judgement or arithmetic. Got my nose poked. (-) Thank you Bucky for showing the world your vision. Continue reading W45


After long last a week with a streak! It is also pretty weird to have a cough this year. You get advice for appropriate behaviour from the stragest of places. I don’t think I responded appropriately myself, eh, Dale? Duality is in everything. Continue reading W44


You know you are good when you’ve made a friend. Even better when you are their’s as well. Make friends. Especially from all over the place. There is a network of organisms communicating about our oddities with each other right under our feet (if you are standing in a forest, that is). And some of … Continue reading W43