SO. MANY. MISTAKES. Words once spoken cannot be taken back. Actions are even worse. The only thing you can do after the fact is face the consequences. There is never a guarantee that you will not repeat something in the future. What you can do is consider the consequences of your words or actions well … Continue reading W41


October arrived! I thought this year could finally be an Inktober year but I have this project keeping me busy. Look yourself in the mirror.Look at you looking at yourself in the mirror.Look at yourself looking at you in the mirror yesterday.Look closer.Look.Look if you seethe child that was youlooking at youselfin the mirror.Lookyourselfcloser. Continue reading W40


Allée Rentrée 2020 was quite a cluster fuck. The week was even more so with 5 days in the kitchen. But we got through all the steps and fed those hungry mouths! Continue reading W39


Another busy week passed by. The weekend was quite fascinating. Lots of planning, brainstorming and aubergines! How I have missed working on a creative project. But the best part of the week was Thursday. Look what I found! (scroll-scroll) Its always a good day when you can open up an ancient device. Look at this … Continue reading W38


Looks like the past 2 weeks have really veered off track. I’ll bring things back on track. This week did see the end of a series I’ve been working on. Hope to set up a dedicated page soon enough. Continue reading W37


Nothing much happened this week on paper but, boy, was it a ride! Understanding the psychology of culture can really throw you off the rails. Oh, and this baking dish was licked clean! You will find what was in it soon enough (when I update my Gut). Continue reading W36


A wonderful week full of reflection and introspection with a bit of existential angst thrown in. And voila! You end up with just enough of a nudge to bring out the creativity! Continue reading W34


The highs of a beautiful trip can really put you off from reality. You never know the shit that might be waiting for you at home. What’s most important though is to take everything in good stride. I bet the the owner of this floor splat had an amazing time before the tides turned! Strength … Continue reading W32